50 Reasons To Get and Stay Fit

50 Reasons to Achieve and Maintain an Incredible Level of Fitness

1.Likely to have a longer lifespan
2.Statistically likely to have less disease
3.More energy
4.Less likely to have depression
5.Less likely to have chronic fatigue
6.Less prescription medications
7.More positive outlook on life
8.You may inspire your family
9.Your kids will look up to you
10.You will be more productive
11. Better sex
12.Sex more often
13.Self confidence
14. Instill self discipline in your life
15.Growing your physical potential will yield beneficial mental effects.
16.Better regulation of your hormones
17. Stronger bones
18.More flexibility
19.Less pain
20. Reduced costs associated with health
21. Outdoor activities are more fun

22. Clothes fit and look better
23.More strength
24. More power
25.Better endurance
26.You begin to view food as fuel
27.Your “cheat” meals are more cherished
28.Looking forward to physical challenges instead of avoiding them
29. Being more useful to others because of your strength and energy
30. Fitness is a fun challenge
31. The fitness game never ends, it only evolves as your age
32.Your family wants you to live a long time
33. Your friends may be inspired by you
34. Some people will be jealous (ex boyfriends and girlfriends)
35. Your social media pictures will look great
36. Because you can and it will beef it you, so you should
37.Emotion comes from motion. You can control your emotions by being more fit
38. Faster recovery from injury
39. Faster recovery from surgery
40. Better ability to tolerate carbohydrates
41. More effective immune system
42. Your brain will function better
43. All of your organs and cells will produce more energy and mitochondria
44. It’s simple to do
45. It’s not easy, which makes it more fun
46. Setting an example for others about what is possible
47. Defending yourself and loved ones
48. Making people turn their heads as your walk down the beach
49. People who are fit generally make more money over their lifespan
50. Because you owe it to yourself


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