What Really Matters

What Matters Most

What really matters in building a great life? Your individual answer will differ from others, but I believe it’s very useful to reflect on what really matters versus what does not. Not enough thought is given for reflection and meditation about the important matters of life. Moreover, so many of the negative experiences we have in life stem from focussing too much on things that do not truly matter the most in life. I can tell you from personal experience that when I have the most stress, I tend to be focussing on things that don’t truly matter like what others think of me and so on. What follows is a list that I’ve compiled of things I believe are truly important versus things than are not important, but receive too much attention. This list is not complete and will likely never be, but my goal here is to provoke some thought about what really makes a good life, compared to what we think makes a good life.

Here’s What Matters:

What you can control
Meaningful relationships
Doing the best you can
Being resourceful
Being a good person
Reflecting on your life
Having a philosophy that serves you
Helping others where possible
Growing as a person
Contributing to something greater than yourself
Having thoughts and emotions that serve you
Fulfilling goals
Having a team of people you can rely on
Living according to your values
Finding internal strength
Taking care of your family
Finding purpose for your existence
Experiencing joy
Knowing what makes you feel good
Surrounding yourself with good people (the right people)
Having adequate financial resources
Adding value to others

What Doesn’t Matter:

Controlling others
Being powerful
Being rich
Being famous
Being liked by others
Adopting the values of others
Doing what others want of you (you’ll violate your own values)
Making others upset (it will happen because you have different values)
Being happy all the time (not possible)
Feeling upset once in a while (it’s normal)
Letting others down (you cannot control how others feel)
External events outside your control
Paying too much attention to emotions (They can deceive you)
Buying a House (it’s not a great investment)
Criticism from others
Staying in relationships that don’t serve you

By focussing on what really matters in life, we can avoid unnecessary stress and negative emotions. Staying focussed on what matters will also steer our thinking and actions towards living a great life. How many of the things on the unimportant list are you guilty of thinking about too much? How has it impacted your life? Let me know what you think is important versus what is not by commenting below!

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