15 Ways to Add Value in the World

People love lists and they work to keep my mind steady and in proper working condition. Most lists are not useful to us, but certain lists belong in every human’s operating manual. The most important thing we can do with our time is to add value to another’s life. Nothing will yield more satisfaction in life by contributing to the brotherhood of man. Likewise, nothing call yield you more money in the marketplace than figuring out how to add value to another’s life. So, without further ado.

15 Ways To Add Value in the World

1.Always do more than you get paid for. Go the extra mile so that people speak nicely of you always.
2. Make people feel special whenever possible.
3. Focus on complimenting everyone you meet and spend time with by offering them an idea on something you admire about them.
4.Figure out their needs and try to deliver what they need. This is the foundation of both a fulfilling life and the free market.
5. Look at them in the face often and smile.
6. Keep fresh memories about all the positive aspects of that person and relay that information often.
7. Be lavish with praise and slow to criticize.
8.Think about life from their perspective and try to alleviate pain where possible.
9.Touch them physically or with words to communicate your love for them.
10.Let them know you think of them often.
11. Take a tone of voice that communicates respect and understanding.
12. Do something nice without expecting anything in return
13. Go out of your way to deliver a moment of happiness whenever possible.
14. Do not let your imagination go wild with false, negative thoughts the person may have.
15. Silently say “thank you, I love you” in your head before speaking with another human. Everyone is fighting a battle you may not know about. Remember that and you’ll always operate from a place of compassion and not fear.


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