I Need A Hobby

My wife says I need a hobby other than business. Something that makes me happy other than money and family. She’s probably right. Most of what I write about relates to business and philosophy. I write it with business on my mind. I’m a voracious reader. Mostly of business books. I love movies, but watching screens is not what I consider a healthy hobby. Most of what I like to do,(bodybuilding and counseling on fitness and nutrition) is directly related to my business. I love sex, so I asked if that could be my hobby. She says that’s not a hobby. I know some may disagree. So I ask all of you, what do you do for a hobby? What keeps your mind occupied with things not related to work or family?

I used to be an avid aquarist and shooter. Both of those hobbies are difficult with very young children. They end up being more of a chore to prepare and keep going than a hobby. I still love both, but they play a much smaller role in my life. I used to enjoy singing and choir. I still love them, but I’d rather spend those nights closer to home with family. I’ve collected things- luxury watches, coins, firearms, collectibles. But I’ve come to the realization that acquiring things is not a hobby, it’s an expense that could end up owning you. “The things you own end up owning you.” Tyler Durden in Fight Club. So what should I do? What do you do?

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