Biggest Gym Fashion Faux Pas

The Biggest Fashion No-No’s at the Gym
With so many fitness apparel stores available to consumers now, it ‘s a wonder that so many people just don’t seem to care what they wear at the gym. Do you think no one is looking at you? They are. And they are wondering what makes you think it’s okay to show up to a training session looking like that. Here are the top Gym Fashion faux pas.
1. Men in spandex pants
Yes, we still see this from time to time and all we can ask is, “why?” With all the cool workout gear for men to wear, why on Earth would a guy still wear spandex at the club? It shows the curves we don’t want to see and frankly leaves too little to the imagination. Go get some Underarmor and Nike pants. They are better for training and you won’t be offending anyone. You’ll thank us when you do.

2. Men in Stringer Tank tops
Dude, we can see your nipples! Seriously, are you a bodybuilder from 1992? No. So, please go put on a tee or appropriate tank top. Not to mention, the lack of material you’re sporting doesn’t keep your sweat puddles off the machines. Please, we beg you, use them for cleaning rags and don’t sport them at the gym.
3.Wearing Jeans (or any other non-workout attire)
Everyday I see people in the club wearing jeans, loafers, flip flops and boots while working out. C’mon. Those clothes are not meant for training. Plus, what does it say about your mindset if you’re working out in loafers and jeans. Invest in a couple fitness outfits and start to dominate your workouts. We guarantee showing up in the same clothes you just came from on the job will not help you. Plus, it looks like you don’t care. Jeans are also terrible for upholstery.
4. VPL on Women
Yes ladies, we can clearly see the outline of your underwear because your pants are so tight. If you prefer to wear tights while working out, please make sure your undergarments are appropriate as well. Visible panty lines are not hot, and you wouldn’t want it at the office, so why would it be okay in the club. Invest in some Lululemon underwear. They are invisible under clothes and they look great also.
5. Clashing Colors
Are you really wearing an orange shirt with brown shorts at the gym? What about that highlighter color shirt with red pants. Honestly, do yourself a favor and look great at the club. Have a couple matching outfits. It will do wonders for your mindset and everyone around you will respect you for dressing up to train your butt off.
6. Wearing Garbage Bags or Sweatsuits
Are you trying to cut weight for a wrestling meet? No? Then don’t wear a garbage bag at the gym. Ever.

7. Leisure suits
Unless you’re 65 years old and your name is Vinny, Sonny, Bobby or some other name from Godfather or Goodfellas, you shouldn’t be wearing a leisure suit. Also, they don’t mix well with the sweat you create at the gym. Enough said.
8. Crop Tops on Men
Hideous. Seriously guys, no one cares that you might have a six-pack if you have it on display all the time. And if you don’t have a six-pack, you really shouldn’t be wearing crop tops. Spare us all from your happy trail. Thank you.

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