Do you want freedom? How bad?

How bad do you want to be free? Oh, you do want to be free! Congratulations, you’re the only one. Nobody else wants you to be free. Not your partner, not your parents, not your government. The world does not want you to be free. It wants control. People want control over others because it makes them feel comfortable. The actions of others become predictable.  Uncertainty goes hand in hand with liberty. Free choice is a scary proposition because people might make the wrong choice. So what should freedom -loving people do?

In a word, PUSH. You must push back against those who would rob you of your freedom. And you will find those people all around you. In fact, if you think about it, life is all about pushing towards a desire and the resistance that comes along with you reaching your desire. Push, push push. Push everyday and don’t stop because the satisfaction level you achieve in your life is the direct result of how free you become. Freedom offers choices. Slavery offers certainty.  Your choice. Keep pushing for freedom.

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